Collagen Induction Therapy (Dermapen)

Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy - Before & After

Dermapen and Collagen Induction Therapy

The Dermapen is a small, light, handheld device with 11 microneedles that gently and rapidly penetrate the skin to stimulate the production of collagen.

The concept of microneedling is actually centuries old, but until the present time, manual rollers were used for this process with quite varying results. With Dermapen, results are much more consistent, and the aestheticians have the ability to vary the depth of penetration depending on skin thickness and the type of results to be achieved. This includes generalized skin rejuvenation by building collagen, improving scar conditions, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity and stretch marks, for example.

Unlike fractional lasers, the Dermapen can be used on all skin types and colors, and it can be used for transdermal delivery of topical agents such as Vitamin C, retinol, platelet rich plasma and pigment control products. Treatments are performed rapidly since the device can operate at a high frequency.

The Dermapen can be used for rejuvenation of skin of the face, neck, décolleté and any areas of the trunk and extremities including the hands and feet. There is little or no bleeding and patients may return to work and normal activities the next day.

For further information on micro needling, visit the DERMAPEN website.

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